Being Away and Walking (2011)

“you will / like it here, being away and walking”
                                              --Frank O’Hara


Being Away and Walking is an 8-hour dance that circles the four crosswalks of a city intersection, 630 crossings clockwise, 630 crossings counterclockwise. Moving between public sculpture, ritual act, and choreographed dance, the work investigates the practice of durational performance within the rhythms of city life.


The work is designed within traffic regulations and moves without interference through the flow of pedestrian traffic.


Being Away and Walking was presented by the Art in Odd Places Festival


Being Away and Walking is part of a series that temporarily re-purposes systems of urban life. The first work in the series, Q train, 24 hours was a 16-trip, 24-hour ride on the Q train from sunrise to sunrise in December 2009. The third piece in the series, Slow Falls, premiered at the Movement Research Festival in 2011.