Two (2016)

Choreography and performance: Abigail Levine


Music: Paula Matthusen


Duration: 16 minutes

Two is a dance of marking time. The choreography is a repeating cycle of two movements, a lunge and a fall, alternating between effort and rest. A pair of objects mark the junctures of the work—body and space, visual and sonic, beginning and end. These measures are punctuated by the crack of the objects against the floor, snapping us away from the music’s continuous evolution, returning us to the rhythm and effort of repetitive work. The work’s spatial pattern loosely follow the shadows that Ellsworth Kelly captured on a Staten Island bus.


Lines of tape keep track of the progress of my work. With them, I carry the marks of time passed and time owed on my body.




Performance history

[DANCE ROULETTE], Roulette, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Jennifer Lafferty with support from the Mertz Gilmore Foundation (February 2016).



Two at [DANCE ROULETTE] (February 2016)