Corey Fogel, Abigail Levine


INVENTORY is an ongoing meeting ground for percussionist Corey Fogel and dancer Abigail Levine. Although identified as a musician and dancer respectively, Corey and Abby discovered that, if not splitting hairs, we fundamentally do the same work. We activate everyday materials using noise, rhythm, metaphor, and sculpture. In an overlapping space of movement and sound, we create new relationships with our materials and with one another. We trust a primordial impetus to engage our bodies doggedly, insistently, with the task at hand.


Beginning each time with a new set of untested objects, INVENTORY builds a micro-world of rhythmic, visual and physical events that is always near collapse.




Human Resources LA |  January 2018

Los Angeles Nomadic Division |  May 2018

18th Street Art Center/ Mariangeles Soto-Diaz | June 2018

Simone Forti Celebration, UC Irvine | November 2018



Bonphilosophia | Catherine González