Once Gone (2014)

Choreography and performance: Abigail Levine

Music: Erik DeLuca

Duration: 30 minutes


30 Califone tape decks, each playing a 10 minute tape, 1/2 recordings of glaciers, 1/2 the notes of a single chord of Morton Feldman's Three Voices. A repeating gesture—an effortful pushing of stone across paper—is used to mark time, the performance space, and the surface of the paper. One minute cycles activating each tape deck in turn, creating an incrementally altered visual and sonic landscape. 


Performance history:

University of Virginia OpenGrounds (October 2014)


Danspace Project at St Mark's Church (November 2014)

Food for Thought series, curated by Lindsey Dietz Marchant


Once Gone was supported by a development residency at the University of Virginia's OpenGrounds Center.



Once Gone at University of Virginia (October 2014)

Once Gone at Danspace Project (November 2014)