Refrain (2013)

The series Refrain cre­ates a cycli­cal chore­og­ra­phy through the writ­ing of a repeated phrase. A pre­cisely crafted move­ment incan­ta­tion, these danced refrains pro­duce a visual doc­u­ment that, like their per­for­mance, expands the orig­i­nal phrase through imper­fect rep­e­ti­tion. The refrains are excerpted phrases from John Cage’s 1959 Lec­ture on Noth­ing and 1951 Lec­ture on Something.


Score: Write a single phrase 500 times. Begin in the same place each time. To mark each repetition, move a stone. 



Performance History

farm project space and gallery, Wellfleet, MA (July 2013)

Hemispheric Institute Encuentro, Concordia University, Montreal (June 2014)

As One (NeON + MAI), Benaki Museum, Athens (video documentation, March-April 2016)




Refrain at farm gallery (July 2013)

Refrain at Hemispheric Institute Encuentro/ Concordia University (Montreal 2014)