Restagings No. 1: Choreographing LeWitt (2017)

Choreography and performance: Abigail Levine

Sound Design: Dave Ruder

Duration: 25 hours

Fridman Gallery, NYC | July 23-27, 2017


Watching Abigail Levine dance/draw the 3744 lines making up Sol Lewitt’s 'Wall Drawing 56,' I was struck by the feeling that I was in a training camp for something essential toward fixing the present moment.     

--Chloë Bass, Women & Performance


The 3,744 lines that comprise Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #56 (1970) take Abigail Levine twenty-five hours to complete, five hours of movement each day for five days. In a 12 x 12’ square, Levine performs the Wall Drawing one line at a time, following LeWitt’s instructions as he wrote them. As the drawing is performed, a sonic archive accumulates around it in a multi-channel sound installation in speakers spread throughout the space.


Choreographing LeWitt is the first work in the series Re-stagings which reads modern and postmodern visual artworks as scores for performance, decoding the choreographic logic and somatic ideas built into these works. 

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Choreographing LeWitt was supported by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, a project grant from New Music USA. Residency support provided by Knockdown Center, Center for Performance Research (CPR), and Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX).. Additional support provided by the Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI).